Reconstruction of the Raw Water Pumping Station at the Želivka Water Treatment Plant


Our company is currently involved in a major project entitled “Reconstruction of the Raw Water Pumping Station at the Water Treatment Plant” as a subcontractor of the electrical part of the project and the management system of the technological process. This pumping station has supplied drinking water to Prague for over 40 years.
The main objective of the reconstruction is to replace the 11 existing 6kV electric motors with direct-current output regulation with new, alternating-current 0.4kV electric motors with output regulation using frequency changers.
Reconstruction of the first three units has been underway since the 2nd quarter of 2015. The scheduled completion of this project is in the 1st half of 2017.

Nitrogénművek, Hungary


During May and June 2015, we produced and supplied low-voltage distributors and distributors with a control system as part of our cooperation with ČKD PRAHA DIZ, a.s. on the project for expanding ammonia production in the NITROGÉNMŰVEK chemical factory in Hungary.

Intensification of the Sokolov Wastewater Treatment Plant – Stage 1


Reconstruction of the Sokolov wastewater treatment plant was completed in January 2015 within the project entitled “Intensification of the Sokolov Wastewater Treatment Plant – Stage 1”. The supplies and services provided by our company involved electrical installation, the technological part of the electrical installation and the technological process management system for the biological, gas and sludge management, thickening and dehydration lines, including mains for the output of a new biogas cogeneration unit based on our own project design. Reconstruction of the flood pumping station and the “Lower Zone” wastewater pumping station also formed a part of this project.

Stage 1of the reconstruction, carried out under full operation starting in 2013, involved the gradual modification and supply of the electrical distribution equipment and the technological process management system, supply and assembly of field instrumentation, supply and assembly of cable connections, including optic communication, and supply of programs, user and visualisation applications, including activation and tuning.

Reconstruction of the Pracejovice Water Treatment Plant


Reconstruction of the Pracejovice water treatment plant was successfully completed on 31.5.2015. Our company performed the complete replacement of the low-voltage-technology electrical installation, including the addition of a drive regulation with frequency changers and the implementation of a new technology management method using the WAGO control system.